TOBA TEK SINGH-The Punjab gave cheques worth Rs1 million each to the parents of three minor girls who had died after anti-measles vaccination at a Rural Health Centre at Chak 262/GB, and held the vaccinator responsible for the deaths.

Punjab Minister for Primary and Secondary Healthcare Khawaja Imran Nazir visited Chak 262/GB and gave away cheques of Rs200,000 each to the parents of two other minor children who were still under treatment in hospitals. He visited DHQ Hospital and inquired after the health of a 15 year old vaccination victim Maryam. He said that health department's officers and supervisory staff were responsible for the unfortunate incident which took the precious lives of three minor children.

He announced that strict action will be taken against all negligent officials. While talking to reporters, the minister held healthcare department vaccinator of union council No 40 responsible for the death of three minors as he used the vaccine for measles which he had prepared one day ago while such vaccine can only be used within only six hours after its preparation.