ISLAMABAD-   The actor, 50, reflected on how the show portrayed its female character, and also claimed his character Jamie Lannister’s sister Cersei was also ‘never looked upon as an equal.’In the show, Emilia’s DaenerysTargaryen is raped by Jason Momoa’sKhalDrogo on their characters’ wedding night, despite the scene being consensual in George R. R. Martin’s book.Looking back at this, Nikolaj admitted: ‘For Emilia to play that in Series One was really tough and degrading, because what that character goes through is horrific.’Despite his apprehensive feelings towards the storyline, Nikolaj said the traumatic event did allow Daenerys to go on a ‘massive journey’ as a result. Going on to talk about Cersei, who was played by Lena Headey, he went on: ‘Cersei, too, was never looked upon as an equal to her brother just because of gender. But then she rises to the top, and you could argue that the way those two women turned out was because of being raised in this horrific way.’