LONDON- Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Chief Altaf Hussain announced that he was stepping down from the party leadership on Sunday but withdrew his decision later.

Altaf Hussain, talking to sources said that he was handing the party responsibilities to the coordination committee (Raabta Committee). He added that he is taking back the decision, of resigning from party leadership, on the repeated requests of the party workers and supporters.

Altaf Hussain underscored the need for division of Sindh on administrative basis, in case it is not possible for an Urdu speaking person to take office of the chief minister of the province, alternately with a Sindhi.

The MQM chief said he did not allow Muttahida to become a party of a single family, adding the MQM is the only liberal and democratic party of the country. “Neither I contested elections, nor did I allow my relatives to do the same,” he maintained ruling out any nepotism and favoritism in the party during his lifespan.

Altaf Hussain furthermore remarked that it was his party first of all that brought mothers and sisters into the political arena. Lashing out at the television anchorpersons who denounced the MQM for involvement in May 12 clashes, the Muttahida chief vowed to try May 12 case, as and when his party comes into the power.

On the contrary, the tragedies of Ali Garh and Qasba Colony, where straight bullets were fired at Urdu speaking people, are not mentioned, he said. Altaf Hussain said the cases were filed against former President Pervez Musharraf; but, no one talks about filing a case against Ziaul Haq and Ayub Khan.

“Is there no qualms of conscience in the country’s lawyers? No one has the courage to say that case against the Musharraf is illegal.” He underlined the cases should be filed against former Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammed Chaudhry and those who took oath under the LFO.

The activists, who worked in the party ever since 1978, will have to come to the fore, he asserted urging on the workers to choose a person to lead them. “I cannot put up with disloyalties and false promises anymore,” he added. In case any MQM worker is assassinated now on, a lawsuit will be filed against DG Rangers, IG Sindh and Chief Minister Sindh, he maintained.

The MQM leader emphasized, "If MQM workers are involved in any crimes, the intelligence agencies should provide information and evidences, if they have any against any of them.

Altaf said the rangers and Sindh police pick up the workers and then their dead bodies are found lying around the city. He demanded the spate of throwing the bodies of the MQM workers, should be stemmed now.

“I do not want the Rabita Committees of London and Pakistan,” he announced.  On passionate entreaties of the party workers, Altaf Hussain reversed his decision to abandon the party leadership.