ISLAMABAD (APP) - South Korea would enhance the quota of importing manpower from Pakistan to overcome the problem of shrinking manpower owing to aging population. The Human Resources Development Service of Korea (HRD Korea) had already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pakistans Ministry of Labour and Manpower to import more workers, said Jeong Jae Seo, Director, HRD Korea, Pakistan Chapter. In a meeting with the President of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Zahid Maqbool here on Wednesday, Jeong Jae Seo said that HRD Korea was also teaching Korean language to Pakistanis and issuing them certificates so that they could improve their prospects for employment in Korea and become more productive workers. He said HRD Korea was striving to act as a leader in managing and developing human resource. The HRD was also supporting SMEs by arranging different training and skill development programs for their workers along with conducting qualification testing to provide trained manpower across a variety of fields, Seo added. Earlier, President ICCI President, Zahid Maqbool urged upon Jeong Jae Seo to import maximum manpower from Pakistan adding that Pak-Korea enhanced cooperation in manpower supply would produce win-win results for both countries. He said that Korea was facing the problem of shrinking manpower due to aging population while Pakistan was endowed with plenty of highly young talent which could become a huge asset for Korea with proper training and skills development. Besides, he added, South Korea could make significant contribution to reducing unemployment, alleviating poverty and strengthening Pakistans economy by importing manpower from Pakistan. Zahid Mabool said that Pakistani technical manpower of different fields including electricians, welders, plumbers, shuttering carpenters, painters and quality survivors had already made their mark in Gulf region and many other foreign countries adding that Korea should take benefit of their services by enhancing quota of their import from Pakistan. Zahid Maqbool said that as a result of global financial turmoil, large number of Pakistani trained workers have returned from Dubai adding that Korea should explore possibilities of utilizing their expertise by offering them employment opportunities. In addition, he said, Pakistani industries also needed more professionals and skilled workers and stressed that HRD Korea should open its offices in every province of Pakistan to provide vocational training and technical education to Pakistani youth.