ISLAMABAD – Silver Jubilee celebrations and High Achievers Ceremony were marked at Roots International Schools (RIS).

Roots International Schools celebrated its High Achievers Ceremony and Students’ Recognition Day and Silver Jubilee Celebrations here the other day with great fervor and splendor at the Jinnah Convention Center to commemorate the success of graduating students.

The event represented a ‘Cultural Extravaganza’ which was a part of School’s Silver Jubilee Celebrations and the graduation ceremony.

RIS imparts education to more than 16,000 children in more than 18 campuses nationwide and is known for its high morals and discipline. The silver jubilee celebration was attended by parents, Dignitaries, ambassadors, secretaries, attaches and alumni of the school. It was a milestone in the path of the school’s progress.

The activities contained glimpses of school activities and reviews from the students, parents, school officials, and dignitaries.

The occasion was presided by the Ambassador of Nigeria Dawood Danaldi, the Ambassador of Spain, Javeir Carbajosa Sanchez, Ambassador of Iraq, Rushadi M Rasheed, Ambassador of Argentina, Rodolfo J Saravia, Ambassador of Cuba, Jesus Zenen, Ambassador of Kenya, Mishi Masika Mwat Sahu, Ambassador of Palestine, Walid Ahmed, the Ambassador of Greece, Pedros Mebroibis, Ambassador of Azerbaijan, Dashgin Shikarov, Deputy Head of the mission Oman, Sammar Ahmed Al Zadjali, president of RCCI, Manzer Khurshid, Justice Iftikhar Chaudry and Faisal Sakhi Butt NA-48 candidate.

CEO Roots International Schools Walid Mushtaq commended the efforts of the young Rootsians who got scholarships and acceptances from different Universities of the world. All the guests congratulated CEO Mr. Walid Mushtaq , all the teachers and staff and the children on the occasion of its Silver Jubilee and the High Achievers Ceremony.

They appreciated the outstanding reputation that the school has both in the moral training and academic standing.

They said that the school and its students are a perfect example and source of light for all schools and parents everywhere.

In the course of 25 years, the number of students who pass the exam with high grades has increased with every passing year.

Najib Ishaq got acceptances from Brown University with 100% scholarship of $226560 Ohio wesleyn University with a scholarship of $110000, University of South Carolina with 100% scholarship and university of North Carolina at Chapel hill with 100% Scholarship.

Ali Naeem got acceptances from New York University on 100% Scholarship of $247840 Rochester University on 100% Scholarship of $220200 Florida Institute of Technology with a Scholarship of $52000 Binghamton University, NY, Syracusc University on 100%, and Scholarship of $200600. Aymen Abbasi got acceptances from Canisius College, Buffalo NY with International Scholars Award of $60000 and Marymount Manhattan College. Shahzib zahid got acceptances from Florida Institute of Technology with a Scholarship of $48000. Hassan Ejaz got acceptances from Florida Institute of Technology with a Scholarship of $40000 Drexel University.

The students of RIS have received the scholarships of almost $50 million this year. H.E Mr. Rodolfo J Saravia announced the names of the graduating students and congratulated them for their successful completion of A-levels.

CEO RIS Walid Mushtaq congratulated the graduating students and the teachers for their commendable efforts and said that “ I would like to congratulate you all on successfully completing 25 Glorious years of Academic Excellence with a long history of hard work and working relationships. It is heartening to see that our students have earned $50 million scholarships and striving for excellence nationally and internationally. Eleven of our schools are connected to eleven schools of Cambridge Yorkshire. We also send our teachers internationally to Teachers Exchange Program for our capacity building and competitive teaching methodology.

In 2013 more than 500 students who appeared for the exam secured distinction and high merit ranks. This success has broken all past records and has achieved positions on the merit lists,” he said.

“At this marvelous event of Silver Jubilee of RIS, I would like to acknowledge your efforts and support in providing RIS your prestigious participation and dedication which has always provided RIS the educational, social, corporate and community initiatives and platforms that have proven to be helpful in achieving extra ordinary excellence.

Roots International Schools is a positive, productive learning institution with a history of high expectations and student success. When the subject is teaching, the value-added is the amount of students’ academic growth produced by a teacher. Even the research shows that student achievement is more heavily influenced by teacher quality than by the prior academic record, or school a student attends. Being the best is a great thing, but doing your best shows a greater potential of who you are.

We are striving hard to change the educational arena in the nook and corner of Pakistan,” he said. I believe there are two things that account for the improvement in their results every year. First, we have made significant progress in raising achievement in under-performing groups. And second, teachers teach more effectively and pupils work extremely hard. Our staff is experienced, talented and dedicated to the success of our students.

The school system places high value on the education of our youth, and that expectation serves as a catalyst for student success in a rigorous learning environment,” he said.