PR Islamabad - Medals around the necks, pats on the back and smiles on every face defined the aura of the High Achievers Placements and Student Recognition Ceremony, Millennium Roots Schools at jam packed Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad yesterday. Very few manage to rise above the ‘barely average’ tag as it is the addition of the ‘extra’ which turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. This ‘extra’ separates a truly brilliant institute from a moderately good one.

The ceremony which aimed to acknowledge and appreciate the outstanding performance of Millennials started off with the special message read on behalf the President and Prime Minister of Islamic Republic of Pakistan for CEO Roots Millennium Schools. Roots Millennium Schools believes in going the extra mile by adding to its tradition of breaking records and making history of all-round academic excellence. Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI, CEO Millennium Roots Schools in his welcome address, appreciated the exceptional hard work of the students. He also acknowledged the support of parents and teachers in students’ success.

The institute had all the reasons to celebrate with the high achievers ceremony held at the Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad. Millennium Schools is the first school in Pakistan to have had the maximum number of Ivy League acceptances on 100 per cent scholarships. Millennials who got accepted at world’s top universities include Taimoor Aziz (Harvard) Ivy League, Seerat Zahra (Dartmouth) Ivy League, Areeba Tirmizi (Brown) Ivy League, Saad Ali Baloch (Yale NUS) Ivy League, Summiya Najam (Yale NUS) Ivy League, Huzaifa Ejaz (Wellsely) Top Liberal Arts College, Muhammad Rafay Ashfaq (NYU) New York University, Ghada Ibrahim (NYU) New York University, Huzaifa Elahi (NYU) New York University, Talha Waheed (NYU) New York University, HamzaNaeem (NYU) New York University, Umar Babar (NYU) New York University, Masna Ahmed (NYU) New York University and many more.

The auspicious occasion was graced by Thomas Drew, CMG British High Commissioner, Malik Muhammad Rafique Rajwana, Governor of Punjab Engr. IqbalZafar Jhagra, Governor KP as the chief guests. Speaking at the event, the British High Commissioner to Pakistan Thomas Drew CMG said: “Thanks to the Roots Millennium Schools and in particular Faisal Mushtaq, for inviting me here as your guest.  It is a great honour.  When you are invited as a foreigner to a school, you really are being invited to the heart of a country.  Even more so on such an important day for everyone here.” “I should probably confess to two things before I speak: First, I always find speaking to students more daunting than pretty much any other audience. I am always kept on my toes; there is a great sense of challenge; the questions are more open.  Perhaps I should be grateful today that there is no Q and A; Second is that I have always had a particular interest in schools and education.  And that is not just because the work the British government does on education in Pakistan: by far the biggest thing we do here is support Pakistan’s education system – and that is right,” he added. 

He said: “I want to congratulate you.  You have all achieved fantastic things. I remember well my own graduation ceremony and the sense of relief of getting over the months of hard work and angst.  The second – and more important point – is the make the most of it.  I can now speak as a diplomat.  This is a country of fantastic potential, have only been in Pakistan for six weeks, but this is coming back after an eight year gap.  I see how it has developed.  I feel hugely more optimistic.  Admittedly I left Pakistan in 2008 – a difficult year – and a time when the outside world looked at Pakistan mostly in the context of risk.Now, risks of course remain, but I and the British Government see also a country of hope and potential.  We have the Governor of Punjab here: how many people know that if Punjab were a country, it would be the 11th largest in the world?  Karachi is the world’s sixth biggest city: we don’t yet view it in the same way as we do Shanghai or Sao Paolo.  This is a country buzzing with potential.  Pakistan’s main task is to realise it – and you will find the British Government right behind you.”   

“But in the end, the key to making all this happen – and realising Pakistan’s potential - is you.  You are Pakistan’s future.  You should grab it,” he added.

Governor of Punjab and KPalso praised Millennium Roots Schools for providing an unparalleled level of education for the country’s new generation as they are the ones who shall take it to greater heights. Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq TI Chief Executive Roots Millennium Schools & National Guidance Counselor took the opportunity to express their thoughts on the impressive achievements and congratulated the top-scorers. Notable guests included a number of parliamentarians, Minister of State Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, Ambassador Masood Khan former Permanent representative of Pakistan to the United Nation, Ambassador of Cuba, Ambassador of Myanmar, Head of Mission Portugal, High Commissioner of Sri Lanka, 1st Secretary from Palestine Embassy Rita Akhtar from United States Education Foundation, Mr. Jeff Sexton Minister-Counselor from US Embassy, PPAFCEO Qazi Azmat Isa, Deputy Head of Mission from Hungary and France Embassy Islamabad, Hamad Naqi Khan President WWF, Pakistan and many more. Also, prominent academic intellectuals, entrepreneurs, senior government officers, community & Political leaders of Pakistan witnessed the celebrations.

At Millennium Schools, the brilliance of the students is appreciated & acknowledged at national and international level. At the end of the ceremony rich tributes were paid, cake was cut, shields, medals and certificates were distributed to High achiever students and award winning teachers. The Chief Guests also gave awards to founding teachers, faculty, foreign language teachers and management staff of Millennium Roots Schools nationwide.