I hope you are aware of the ‘more good and godly than the rest of the lot’ feeling. The feeling that you love Pakistan with such intensity that your compatriots can’t fathom. The zeal with which you revere your country can never be sensed by the so called false claimants to patriotism. What you feel and how you feel for Pakistan can’t be rivaled by anyone at all.   

Well, sire,  you are not alone.

A recent research by the Power-That-May-Not-Be- Institute (PTMNBI) tells us that our state institutions ranging from army to media are willing to do everything  to prove their better title to saving Pakistan from an array of endless existential threats.  

And in the Pakistani pantheon of Messiahs-cum-Saviors-cum-Liberators, to know how the suspicion and mistrust of each other works out. Well, read on.

Army is weary of bureaucracy. Bureaucracy, in turn, mourns the ineptitude of politicians. Politicians, the elected pariahs everyone loves to hate, are dog-tired of being mere pawns moved hither-thither by either muscly military man or cunning bureaucrats. Media, once touted as being the watchdog over all and sundry, has turned itself into a jackal wolfing down grants, pelf, countless ears and endless eyes while enjoying patronage from one or the other institution.Higher judiciary, after Iffi Ch and Mujhaid-e-nafaz-e-Urdu, is again dormant and contained in a beautiful, majestic building.  

The game is rigged, as every player wallows in deceit. The individual amounts to nothing. His conscious, zilch, cipher.  

Siding with one invites ire of the other. You choose army and politicos blame you of ‘agenciyoon kaa banda’ (an agency lad). Position yourself with politicos and you’ll be nick-named ‘lafaafay lainay waala’  (a corrupt fella), Pair up with judiciary and Ahh, well, God save you, lad. Being one with judiciary doesn’t pay up nowadays as it has been dried by superior lawmen quite recently.

The ploys are made by all, against all.  The plans are executed by all, against all.  The smear campaigns are launched by all, against all.

No one is innocent. Everyone is vile. No one is the victim. Everyone is dupe.

When it comes to ground, us liberals are sterile. When it comes to thought, them conservatives are uninventive. The hoi polloi are spectators and and these power centers are busy in proving that they’ll save their followers souls, if not now, then in here-after.  

In other words, be the Messiah they crave.

The messiah complex, in simple words kicks in when a person passes the threshold of 100 people, it kicks in and grandiose delusions commence. I clearly remember when, for the first time, my blog was liked by 103 people, I knew that ministry of information will call and prepare me for the next information minister. Well, the call never came. Haa, something foul is afoot, I thought.  

It is about time that I name the promised Messiah-cum-Savior Award.  

And the award goes to Mr. Part Everything.

As this man rigged his inter house general secretary election back in grade 5th, his accomplice? a 4th grader R****l, (Part Politician). He failed to pass his I.S.S.B (Part Khaki). He was 2 years away from becoming a judge when he quit practice (there goes poof his chance at becoming a Justice) and joined journalism (There comes our lad).

And since he always considered bureaucrats ‘hacks who wield power’ and knew that he’ll flunk in English Essay, like 90% candidate, he never appeared in CSS, thus narrowly escaped bureaucracy.

And his rear screen yell, ‘You no savior, you traitor. I savior, I no traitor’.

P.S: You must've noticed the absence of Maulvis, Maulanas and Muftis in the above blog. Well, that's how self-censorship is done. 

Grand luck with your Messiah hunting, folks.