NIFT, TPS to build digital financial services platform

KARACHI (PR): National Institutional Facilitation Technologies (NIFT) and TPS have entered into a strategic partnership to build a digital financial services platform in Pakistan. The objective is to offer new age digital financial services that will bring ease and efficiency in the payments ecosystem. The agreement was signed recently by Haider Wahab, CEO NIFT, and Shahzad Shahid, CEO TPS.

Speaking on the occasion, Haider said, “NIFT, with its extensive experience in financial services is excited to lead in the new digital financial services space. The digital financial services platform envisioned by us will facilitate all key stakeholders of the industry including banks, telcos, corporates and fintechs to be a part of an inclusive, interconnected and shared digital services infrastructure.”

Building a digital financial platform on a nationwide scale is one of the key requirements in the current financial services space. The initiative is pivotal to achieve vision of promoting financial inclusion and driving economic growth in the country. The collaboration between NIFT, a payment service provider, and TPS, a leading payments technology company, will see both companies work together to foster fintech ecosystem in the country for accelerating innovation in the financial services space.

This will create an inclusive environment which will not only offer a secure and open access to start-ups but also revolutionize the digital financial services play in the country.

Shahzad commented, “TPS over the past 20 years has worked on developing an integrated payment ecosystem in Pakistan where real-time account transfers is now a norm. With an interbank switch functional in Pakistan, TPS is excited to partner with NIFT to develop a payments platform that promises uptake of mass scale digital payments.”



TPL Life Muavin launched


LAHORE (PR): Known as the easiest company to deal with, TPL Life Insurance Ltd has launched TPL Life Muavin, a state of the art Virtual Agent Induction Module.

TPL Life Muavin is an easy and simple platform that enables individuals from all walks of life to learn about insurance products and services and upon successful completion of courses, to become a certified TPL Life Virtual Agent i.e. a TPL Life MUAVIN and earn a brilliant livelihood for themselves and their families.

At the launch event, Faisal Abbasi, CEO TPL Life Insurance Ltd, said: “This indeed is a dream come true. TPL Life Muavin program will definitely help the cause of providing the masses with an excellent opportunity to learn and earn. This initiative is yet another loop in the innovation and digital chain that we vowed to harness in our quest to transform the ways in which people deal with insurance companies and their services. We are pleased to introduce another first of its kind platform to the people of Pakistan.”


Jubilee Life sponsors Insurance Polo Cup

LAHORE (PR): Jubilee Life, Pakistan’s largest life insurance provider in the private sector was the title sponsor of the recently concluded Jubilee Life Insurance Polo Cup 2018 played by the zealous sportsmen at Islamabad Polo Club in Islamabad.

Aun Rizvi of the Jubilee Life team played a crucial role and scored 2 goals, thus driving the team in a leading position and eventual victory. As a result, the Jubilee Life team won this tournament by 4-7 against team Shahtaj.

Speaking at the occasion, Javed Ahmed, Managing Director of Jubilee Life Insurance, said, “As the leading private life insurance company in Pakistan, we are committed to promoting partnerships for the betterment and fostering of sports. Sponsoring this tournament is yet another testimony to Jubilee Life’s philosophy to support & promote sports in Pakistan. We hope this tournament paves the way for the revival of international sports in the country.”

“Sports is essential for learning discipline as it teaches the participants to come as a combined force in pursuit of a unified goal. Whether it’s in the form of polo, cricket, football or hockey, it shapes and refines the structure of a society and this is what we have to facilitate which I’m glad Jubilee Life is eagerly facilitating,” said Talib Rizvi, Group Executive, Habib Metropolitan Bank, who was the chief guest at the Jubilee Life Insurance Polo Cup 2018.