GUJRANWALA - The CIA police arrested a youth for allegedly blackmailing girls into paying money by posting their pictures on social media on Saturday.

DSP Imran Abbas Chadhar told the media that suspect Mumtaz Ibrahim, resident of Talwandi Kajurwali, had created dozens of fake IDs on social media and he used these IDs for establishing contacts with the girls. The DSP added that the accused picked up girls’ pictures and other material from their IDs. He then blackmailed them and their parents into paying him money with threats of uploading their pictures on social media. During preliminary investigation, the accused confessed to have blackmailed dozens of girls by posting their pictures on social media after editing these pictures in a negative way. He also confessed to have extorted hundreds of thousands of rupees from different girls and their parents. The investigation team also found him guilty of robbery and other criminal activities. It seized hundreds of pictures of girls.


A bank security guard Saturday locked himself in the bank after firing shots into the air and then turned himself in for a reason unknown to police. Model Town police were tipped-off that some dacoits had entered in a private bank located on GT Road. The police rushed to the spot and besieged the bank building. Police interrogated a security guard stood outside main entrance of the bank.

He told the police that Asad, another security guard of the same bank, locked himself in the bank after creating a sense of fear among people and the bank staff by firing shots into the air. The police urgently called the family members of the security guard and sent uncle of the accused in the building to convince him to surrender. Resultantly, the security guard turned himself in to the police.

According to police, he did not touch or damage any locker in the bank. Police were investigating to figure out the reason which prodded him into committing the act.