PESHAWAR A militant group 'Zarqawi has confessed that Indian agents are providing them arms, explosive material and money for conducting terrorist activities in Peshawar. A police official on condition of anonymity, while talking about the car bomb blast which occurred on October 9, 2009 here at Sukarno Chowk and claimed lives of more than 40 people, told TheNation that police arrested a terror suspect named Ismail after the blast. During investigations, Ismail disclosed that one Shakeel had asked him to deliver an explosive-laden car from Bara, Khyber Agency, to Peshawar and offered Rs 40,000 for the purpose. He added that he gave him Rs 20,000 in advance and promised to pay the rest of the amount once the job was done. The police official told that later Shakeel was also arrested and both the terrorists admitted that Saeed Anwar and Saifur Rehman Saifur, both from Bara, have formed a terrorist group named Zarqawi. They revealed that Indian agents under the guise of Sikhs were providing them arms, ammunition and money for terrorist attacks. This group includes Wahid, Rafiq and Adnan and their job is to find people who can drive the explosive-laden cars from Bara to Peshawar for the sake of just a few thousands rupees. It is further informed that the group is also involved in kidnapping small children who are prepared for suicidal attacks through brainwashing and threats. A senior police official from Peshawar also confirmed that Zarqawi group is involved in car bomb blasts. He added that an operation was underway in Bara for the arrest Zarqawi groups leader Saifur Rehman Saifur.