After signing nuclear deals with US and Canada, India inked another deal with France worth about $20 billion. France and India signed a framework of contract for the sale of at least two French atomic reactors by French nuclear group Areva, estimated around 7 billion euros ($9.3 billion). Work on reactors will start next year. Nuclear reactors contain large amounts of radioactive material; this health hazard makes safety in nuclear facilities especially important. An examination of the safety record in Indias nuclear facilities reveals poor practices and routine accidents, ranging from leak of oil to complete loss of power in a reactor causing all safety systems to be disabled. Indias nuclear facilities perform poorly. People living in mining areas are seriously suffering from radiation. Recently, the institute of Research and Social Action examined 712 people and found that 31 people are severely affected by radiation. These areas also have alarming numbers of physically and mentally handicapped child births. Some srganizations examined 250 handicapped children living in uranium mining area and found that all of them were suffering from radiation. It has been estimated that more than 30,000 people are affected by radiation in the mining areas. On the other hand, India is clamouring about Pakistans safe and peaceful nuclear program in an attempt to destroy our nuclear installations. This is a dream which will never come true. History of Pakistans nuclear program, except for Dr Qadeer episode is free from mishandling the radioactive material and absolutely no radiation leakages. It is time for India to take control over its nuclear program which also has serious security implications not only at the regional and global level but to india itself. Muzammil Mujahid Bhatti, Rawalpindi