From the past days of glory to present days of humiliation, Pakistan Hockey has witnessed the continuous decline in its performance at all stages as it experienced defeat at the hands of Germany in ongoing Hockey World in India that Pakistan has won 4 times, most by nation.

Along remaining the no 1 team from 2000 to 2001in Hockey rankings, winning 3 Champion trophies, 3 gold medals in Olympic Games, 8 gold medals in Asian Games, 3 Sultan Azlan Shah Cups and many other records like these by Pakistan Hockey team are the success stories of the past.

Decline of Pakistan Hockey has not been abrupt but with slow continuity. As it vanished from schools to colleges and from colleges to the universities level. No districts tournaments held that could help to produce players like former Pakistan captain Sohail Ababas, who holds the record of 348 goals, most by any International player.

Along with sincere attention from cricketer-turned politician PM Imran Khan, concerned authorities, who need to be not the tried and tested, attention from corporate media, incentives, need to be placed as to regain the lost glory so as that coming generations should feel proud in presenting themselves in their declining national game.


Larkana, December 4.