The weather is particularly tricky these days owing to the fact that the mornings are warm whereas the evenings tend to be quite cold. With all the rapid changes in the weather, one becomes prone to illnesses very easily. For most of us, the day starts in the morning (obviously) when it isn’t too cold. The afternoons become unbearably hot, particularly if we have to drive during that time, while the evenings become pretty cold. This is where the challenging task comes in; what to wear? We can’t keep switching between jackets and sweaters all day at work. Here are a few ideas that can help you get through this weather unaffected.


Shawls are ideal for this weather. They’re easier to carry than an extra jacket, can be worn or taken off as needed and are also perfect for the office. What’s even better is that shawls can be worn with both eastern and western attire making them ever so handy.

Cotton shrugs:

Wool is something that might be a bit too much for us these days. Yet it does get chilly in the evening. At a time like this, cotton shrugs are a perfect solution. Wear two layers; a tank top and a shirt over it. The cotton shrug can be added as a third layer in the evening. It’s easier to carry around in your bag than a sweater and can keep you warm as a third layer in the evening!


Like shawls, scarves can come in handy in this weather. If you don’t like carrying a shawl with you, simply keep a scarf wrapped around your neck. There are countless ways to tie a scarf around your neck making it look classy and comfortable. When things get cold, simply wrap the scarf around yourself and you’ll feel warm immediately!

Cape shawls:

Cape shawls are trendy and are widely popular these days. The main reason behind this is probably the fact that they are just so easy to carry! Keeping a cape shawl on will not make you feel hot but will keep you warm enough through the day and particularly at night. They go better than regular shawls with jeans and are available in numerous different textures and styles.

Summer hoodies:

Hoodies are, perhaps, our favourite winter clothing. They keep us warm and hidden away from the cold world. Summer hoodies are even better. They’re made with lighter materials than regular hoodies, usually cotton, and can have shorter sleeves too. Wearing one of these will strangely keep you from feeling too hot during the day while keeping you warm enough till you get home in the evening!


The worst mistake we make is that we switch to sandals as soon as the weather starts to change. This is not a good idea. Like clothes, shoes also need time to transition. Jumping from boots to sandals will only make it more difficult to cope with the changing weather. Shift to pumps and sneakers before moving on to sandals and you’ll notice big difference in how you feel!