As soon as the new drama serial Mann Mayal hit TV screens, the graph of its ratings roared to the top. It deserved to be ranked as the most popular drama because it has the best actors, actresses and so far a very unique storyline.

In the drama a girl (Manu) proposes to her friend’s brother (Sallahudin), who also comes to teach her. The teacher accepted the proposal after many attempts made by the girl.

Almost simultaneously I went through a blog, which said that our society is dependent on TV dramas for awareness and that we should make a better use of this medium. I totally agree, yes we should.

Another issue raised by the blogger was that Mann Mayal has lowered the standard of woman 'as it portrays a girl proposing to a man and it is against the dignity of the woman'.

Here, I object.

Let’s reverse the scenario. If the drama shows a man proposing to a girl and begging for a relationship then I guess it would be justifiable. This sort of drama would be alright as a man apparently has no dignity. This is more suitable to our norms, culture and so called values.

I don’t get the point. Why do people think that it’s only the woman’s right to shield her dignity, while the man has no such right to take care of his?

We’re not even going to address the question as to how asking someone to be with you, or marry you, has any adverse impact on one’s dignity.

Women want equal rights and equal respect in the society. They want to move freely as men do. In short, women want to share each and everything equally. Then why do women wish to enjoy more self esteem?

I think we should revisit our perceptions. Every individual has a right to dignity and a right to be respected irrespective of their gender. Both men and women have equal self-worth.

For me Mann Mayal is an attempt to make girls expressive and bolder.

Pray tell me why we always expect men to take initiative in a relationship?

If a girl likes someone she should express her feelings. It is not against the dignity of a woman. It is not against anyone’s dignity at all. The taboo over a woman proposing to a man should be revisited.