For almost two weeks, former SSP Rao Anwar has disappeared with his accomplices wanted for alleged murder of citizen Naqeebullah Mehsud. Have we forgotten how Shahzeb Jatoi, a confessed murderer was facilitated in fleeing this country? If Supreme Court wants to curb corruption and crime in this country, it must ensure that no individual employed by State owns property abroad in his name or name of his family; holds no immigration status such as Iqama or Green Card, or foreign passport which entitles him to residential status in another country. Government servants are permanent employees on 24/7 basis and can neither indulge in trade or any other commercial activity directly or indirectly. If PM can be disqualified for holding an Iqama and proceeded against for having assets beyond his known sources of income why not every individual on payroll of state, including employees of state owned corporations? 

There must be powerful people backing Rao Anwar , whose identity is well known and yet he managed to go from Karachi to Islamabad and attempt to board a flight for Dubai, only to be offloaded by FIA, but again allowed to go free. 

If there is a will on part of Government and sensitive security agencies to track him, they should have by now sought help from Interpol and Immigration authorities in UAE etc. Rao Anwar allegedly owns expensive property in Islamabad and Dubai, which he cannot justify by his known legal declared sources of income. This shows corruption within police occurs when crime flourishes and criminals roam around free. 


Lahore, January 30.