It remains to be seen whether President Zardaris meeting with President Obama will yield any positive result. We know that it was none other than Mr Zardari who had told a US official that the drone attacks did not bother him and that the Americans were free to carry on their drone warfare in Pakistan. What is alarming is that during the past few days, there have been two developments that only prove that the US has greatly increased pressure on Islamabad. First, new drones with cutting edge technology have now been directed to bomb the tribal areas. And secondly, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullens statement that Pakistan was the epicentre of global terrorism, along with Vice President Joe Bidens warning that the operation in North Waziristan was now inevitable, indicate how much belligerent the US has now become. It is time for Pakistani leadership to realise that the Americans cannot be allowed to indefinitely go on dictate their terms. On the contrary, we must now ask the Obama Administration to compensate our economy that has roughly speaking suffered losses of more than $50 billion since we were enlisted in the war against terror. The deadly spate of bomb blasts continues to claim countless innocent lives of the people. The degrading diktat that we are forced to accept for instance leaving ISI Chief or even Hafiz Saeed at the mercy of the US courts, could also have grave implications for our domestic political spectrum. Every American official who coerces us to do more must be snubbed on the ground that the prevalent state of anarchy owes itself to US war on terror that we have been foolhardy to fight for over a decade now. In the days to come, as the repercussion of the war on terror are going to get worse especially for our economy, and since the answer to the question whether Washington will repair the damage our economy has so far taken is in the negative, Islamabad must wait no longer to end its so-called alliance with the US.