ISLAMABAD  – Broadband market in Pakistan underwent a great degree of technological and strategic transformation during past few years and 590,843 subscribers have been registered by the broadband companies during FY 2011.

Broadband consumer growth has been over 150% on average for the past few years.Such an overwhelming growth rate proves the great potential in Pakistan’s broadband market.

Broadband subscribers have crossed the one million mark with highest net additions in a year. According to data available, the tally of broadband users reached 1.5 million compared to 900,648 at the end of FY 2010.

Penetration level of broadband industry stood at 0.88% at the end of FY 2011 compared to 0.55% in June 2010. Although over the last few years,subscriber growth remained over 150% on average, a significant rise in penetration is likely in a couple of years.