KARACHI - Jamaatud Dawa Pakistan Chief Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has announced to hold Difa-e-Pakistan Conference (DPC) at Quaid Mausoleum on February 12.

Addressing a media briefing at Karachi Press Club on Saturday, he said the conference would deal in one-point agenda including mounting pressure on the government not to restore NATO supplies which were suspended after attack on Salala post in which 26 soldiers and officers were perished.

A committee has been formed which will contact political and religious parties and extend invitation to them for February 12.

He said restoring NATO supplies would be against the national interest. He declared that Difa-e-Pakistan Council was against the steps proposed by the parliamentary committee headed by Raza Rabbani, which according to some information were mulling to resume NATO supply in exchange for some concession. He warned that the people would took to roads and stage sit-ins throughout the country if government restored NATO supply lines for the US forces.

Saeed alleged that United States had an evil design to control Pakistan’s nuclear assets. Drone attacks were part of the grand design of the US and its allies in Afghanistan to control Pakistan’s nuclear capability.

India is also actively cooperating with the USA in its nefarious designs, he added.

He demanded that Pakistan should disassociate itself from the so-called war on terror.

He said awarding the MFN status to India was tantamount to hoisting economic war on Pakistan. To a question, he said Difa-e-Pakistan Council was not an electoral alliance but was working with the sole objective to defend Pakistan. He said that defending the country should be the sole objective and responsibility of the government.

Relying to a question about Syed Jamaat Ali Shah, former commissioner of Pakistan Commission of Indus Water, he said that his organisation many times in past had publicly said that Jamaat Ali Shah was working against the interest of the country. Engineer Naveed and other party leaders were also present on the occasion.