ISLAMABAD – The Way - a duo show of unique art combination by Tariq and Natalia Kakar displayed here on Saturday for art lovers at gallery Louvre.

The exhibition showcases sculptures work by Tariq in different mediums of both abstract and realistic figures while Natalia displays her abstract landscape paintings.

With more than fifteen exhibitions and uncountable works, Tariq is a sculptor to the last detail. To date his sculptures have been known for their realistic detailing. However, the exhibition is showcasing his abstract work for the first time.

Tariq is a sculptor with a high creative potential as his work displays culture, mastery and a keen desire to observe the laws of the art form. 

His work, unified by a single historical and philosophical drive, testifies to the master’s ceaseless search for new compositions, forms, devices; and their skilful utilization in the creation of image-bearing structures.

An acutely personal perception of contemporary problems, a deep insight into the affairs of the world around him and a sharp understanding of the historical record of his own people endow Tariq’s search with the innovative and creative strive.

He ventures into exploring the philosophical subject of the `eternal source of life’ that materializes in his model of a fountain. His portrayal of people highlight vividly pronounced features of behavior and peculiarities of their typical dress.

Most of his work display deep psychological treatment, pointed emotionality - captivating the observer with the elegance of solution. The figures are well-placed, light and plastically precise.