KARACHI - A three-storey building was completely gutted when fire broke out at a factory in Landhi Processing Zone on Saturday.

There were 20 vehicles of the fire brigade department engaged in extinguishing fire but were failed to control the blaze.

Various small godowns were situated in the factory. Fire brigade officials said fire broke out on the ground floor which engulfed the whole building but the cause behind it was yet to be ascertained.

Fire brigade officials blamed the factory’s administration as they did not inform the fire brigade shortly after it broke out.

According to the chief fire officer Ehtishamuddin Siddiqui, it would be easier to control the blaze if the factory’s management informed them on time but the Landhi Processing Zone fire brigades first tried to control the blazes.

Over 50 employees were present in the factory when it broke out but all of them were evacuated before the arrival of the fire brigade. The fire fighters were facing problem to extinguish fire as there was no proper way to enter inside the factory as the factory was covered from all angels and deadly blazes were not allowing anyone to enter the factory.

He said all the three floors had been collapsed. The fire fighters faced problems due to presence of cloth material in the factory and speedy winds, he said.