ISLAMABAD - National Accountability Bureau Chairman Fasih Bokhari said his department has no role in writing letter to the Swiss authorities for reopening of corruption cases against President Asif Ali Zardari.

Talking to the media Saturday, Fasih Bokhari said that the record of Swiss cases was secured with the NAB. He avoided a number of questions about the National Reconciliation Ordinance and writing to the Swiss authorities by simply saying that the relief given under the NRO was already withdrawn and all the cases were under various stages of trial.

To a question, he said the parliament was supreme institution in the country but the main cause of rampant corruption was bad governance in the state organs and expressed his hope that in the presence of independent judiciary, it could be eliminated. The NAB chairman claimed that there was no pressure on the institution and it would continue with its work without any fear.

He said he was trying to bring an end to corruption with the cooperation of judiciary and its verdicts would be implemented. He said they recovered Rs47 million in the Railways scrap scam and sent 30 cases to high courts and 60 cases to the Supreme Court. He said at present, 99 cases of NRO are being tried in the Supreme Court.  He said they are determined to take the cases of corruption to their logical conclusion and award punishment to those found involved in the menace.