WANA- At least seven militants were killed in a US drone strike today in Shawal valley of North Waziristan .

 According to sources, two missiles were fired on a house by US drones setting the house ablaze and completely destroying it to the ground.

Officials, while confirming the strike, said the unmanned aircraft fired two missiles targeting a compound. Seven of its occupants were killed on the spot while several others were injured.

The rescue activities were delayed because the drone hovered in the air for half an hour. Tribal sources expressed concern over the recent spike in drone strikes as the injured were in critical condition. The identities of those killed are not immediately available. A number of foreigners including Arab fugitives of al Qaeda have also been killed in these US drone attacks.

Today's U.S. drone strike in Pakistan was the second of its kind in the country in 2015. To date, at least 17 suspected militant have reportedly been killed in such strikes since the start of the year.