ISLAMABAD-National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) has observed that 1169 fatal accidents occurred in DISCOs and K-Electric during the last seven years.

In its Annual Report 2018-19, Nepra has further said that the NTDC has added no 500 KV grid stations to the system during the period under review while Balochistan has no such grid station out of existing 16 grid stations of 500 K.

Similarly no 220 KV grid station was added by NTDC in Sindh and Balochistan, however it has added three 220 KV grid stations in KP and two in Islamabad during 2019, said the report.

The report said that a detailed study was carried out to determine the circumstances and total number of fatal accidents occurring in DISCOs and K-Electric during the last seven years which revealed that 1169 fatal accidents occurred from July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2018. Furthermore, 152 fatal accidents occurred due to violation of prescribed safety standards in the period under review.

During the reporting period, it was observed that DISCOs and K-Electric contributed losses of around Rs45 billion due to inefficiency and T&D losses and Rs.78 billion due to less recovery of bills. Regarding complaints against the Discos and K-Electric, the report said that a total of 5854 complaints were received by NEPRA.

The complaints lodged by the consumers of K-Electric were 2344 which was the highest followed by Mepco 750, Sepco 720, Hesco 534, Pesco 503, Lesco 462, Iesco 186, Fesco 184,Qesco 15 and Tesco 1.Nepra has disposed off 5440 complaints and interestingly there was only one complaint from Tesco which is still pending.

The annual report further said that to monitor the access of reliable electricity services to the general public, especially in rural areas, the development of Power Outage Complaint App is in progress. By using this App any citizen can submit a complaint about unscheduled power outage.

The complaint will be routed to the concerned distribution company with resolution deadline as per NEPRA Performance Standards Rules.

During 2018-19, 12 generation licenses, with a cumulative installed capacity of 652.54 MW, were issued with the highest share of 336.50 MW for coal followed by bagasse 148 MW, solar 66 MW, wind 50 MW, solid waste 40 MW and hydel only 11.80 MW.

Regarding the distributed generation/net-metering licenses during the period under consideration, 1143 distributed generation licenses, with total installed capacity of 19.55 MW, were issued under the net metering regime.

Tariff was determined for successful bidders, through competitive bidding, of two medium sized hydropower projects of 100 MW each to be constructed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Generation Tariff was also determined for 640 MW Mahl hydropower project. Generation tariff was determined for 300MW coal-fired power plant at Gwadar. Generation tariff was determined for 16 companies based on wind power. In addition decisions regarding review motion filed by three companies were also issued.

Generation tariff was determined for two companies based on solar power and decisions regarding review motion filed by three solar power companies were also issued.

Decision in the matter of tariff modification of Chashma Nuclear Power Plant2 (C-2), regarding reference capacity charge due to Initial Dependable Capacity (IDC) Test was issued.

Tariff was also determined for 340 MW Chashma Nuclear Power Plant Unit-4. Decision was issued regarding change in fuel from natural gas to RLNG for Lotte Chemical Pakistan Limited. The existing mechanism of fuel cost component was modified on account of utilization of RLNG for Northern Power Generation Company Limited and Jamshoro Power Company Limited.

Review decision in the matter of Induction of Security Cost for CPEC Projects in the Power Tariff to ensure Security Sustainability was also issued.

Decisions were given for HSD Testing on Combined Cycle in post synchronization period before COD for Quaid-e-Azam Thermal Power for Bhikki Power Project and National Power Parks Management Company for Balloki Power and Haveli Bahadar Shah Power Projects, the annual report said.

Regarding the installed generation capacity the annual report noted that the thermal electricity with 22848 MW or 63.96 percent has highest share in the national energy mix followed by hydel 9732 MW(26.70 percent), 1345 MW or 4.14 percent nuclear power, wind 1235 MW 0r 3.03 percent, solar 400 MW or 1.23 percent and bagasse 364 MW or 0.94 percent.

Regarding the province wise installed capacity, the report said that 51.53 percent of 16776.6 MW installed capacity is located in Punjab, followed by Sindh 7530 MW or 19.44 percent share, KP with 5855.4 MW or 14.84 percent , Balochistan 7.52 percent or 3766MW and AJK 1999 MW or 6.66 percent.