ISLAMABAD Highlighting the role of Muslims in creation of Pakistan, Iqbal Ismails book titled FootPrints in the Sand launched here on Wednesday. Federal Minister for Environment Hameedullah Jan Afridi was the chief guest at the launching ceremony that was attended by the people from all walks of life. The book FootPrints in the Sand touches the deeper aspects of financially turbulent times when Pakistan needed help and how these business clans helped bring glory to Pakistan. The author, Iqbal Ismail, brings to life the lesser-known aspects of contribution by the Muslims of Bombay in the creation of Pakistan. The participants of the occasion commended Iqbal Ismail for the excellent research he has undertaken to bring out the economic and financial aspects of the businesses, which thrived in the most hostile environment. While speaking on the occasion, Federal Minister for Environment Hameedullah Jan Afridi said that Iqbal Ismail had conveyed very beautifully a message of peace. He also said that it is not very often that one comes across a book, which is as fascinating and captivating as this one. Afridi said that Memon Muslim community has in the early years of the last century built a huge trading empire that dominated regional trade and finance. The business could be compared with the multinational corporations of today, he added. The Environment Minister also mentioned that even today, mainly large Pakistani companies are the direct branches of these large business houses. Many of these companies are present in the everyday lives and have contributed to this country. Thus their imprint is written large on the economic landscape, the Minister noted. While refereeing to the book, Afridi said that if one reads carefully, one is confronted with the sharp business skills, extreme hard work and close adherence to business and religious ethics, which these persons possessed, that made them larger than life and stranger than fiction. Earlier, the author, Iqbal Ismail delivered his address in which he highlighted the services surrendered by the Memon community for welfare of the Pakistani people.