­KASUR - In the last few years most of the news emanating from Kasur have not been good or rather they have been bad and sad. There was children sex scandal which shocked the world. Nothing came out of it as the accused mostly went scot free due to lack of evidence or witnesses. Then a couple was burnt alive. The woman who was burnt was pregnant. The last sad and shocking news was that of child Zainab who was raped and then murdered.

With general election around the corner the political wave of change is in full swing in city of Baba Bulleh Shah, a Sufi poet whose most poetry work comprised against highflying false practices of society.

There are four constituencies in district Kasur including NA 137, NA 138, NA 139 and NA 140 and there are nine provincial constituencies including PP 174, 175, 176, 177, 178, 179, 180, 190, 181 and 182.

The names of former MPA Ahmed Saeed, ex-MNA Malik Ahmed Khan from Kasur surfaced in Hussain Khanwala child sexual abuse scandal that they were supporting the culprits. The whole world was shocked. Interestingly they have again been fielded as candidates by the PML-N. 

In NA-137, PML-N originally fielded Main Waseem Akhter Sheikh but he was punished for contempt of court for one month in jail and disqualified for five years. After the verdict came against him his son Saad Waseem is now contesting on his seat. He is considered as a weak candidate against the PTI Sardar Aseff Ahmed Ali who as previously in PML-Q and PPP. Sardar Aseff has served as the foreign minister of Pakistan in the tenure of Benazir Bhutto. He is a well read gentleman who is also a wonderful painter. 

In the same constituency on provincial seat PP 174 PML-N candidate Haji Naeem Safdar Ansari is contesting, who twice remained PML-N president.  His opponent is PTI’s Maqsooq Sabir Ansari. On PP- 175 PML-N fielded Malik Ahmed Saeed who has in the past won elections on PML-Q ticket and won 2013 general elections seat on PML-N ticket. He is contesting against first time PTI contestant Mrs Masood Bhatti. PPP has fielded Maqbool Tolu in PP-175 who is contesting for the first time in elections.

In NA-138 PTI candidate Mian Rashid Tufail is contesting against PML-N Malik Rasheed Ahmed Khan. On PP 182 and first time PTI contestant Doud Hayat Khan is contesting against PML-N Ch Illyas Khan.

In NA-39, PTI’s Azeemuddin Lakhvi is contesting against PML-N Rana Ishaq Khan.  In same constituency, PP 17 PTI’s Colonel Hashim is contesting for the first time election against the first time contestant Ahsan Raza on PML-N seat.

In NA-140 Sardar Talib Hussain Nakai is contesting on PTI seat against Rana Hayat Khan. He is close relative of former chief minister of Punjab Sardar Nakai.

Out of four national constituencies in Kasur, PPP fielded candidates in only two constituencies Ch Manzoor in NA-137 and Imran Nawal in NA-138.