Rawalpindi - Three time PM spent his first night in Adiala jail on the floor. In a room described as “worn out” by Nawaz Sharif’s physician, cardiologist Dr Adnan Khan, and the bathroom described as “filthy” by his son Hussain Nawaz, the former PM Nawaz Sharif is being kept in a cell with one fan, no bed, no cooler or AC, and a bathroom that has not been cleaned for some time.

Speaking on the meeting between the family on Saturday, personal physician Dr Adnan Khan said that the former Prime Minister and his daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif meet each other for the first time as well since their admittance to Adiala Jail yesterday. Maryam Nawaz had thus far not been allowed to meet her husband Captain Safdar either, who is also in the same jail. Both father and daughter appeared in good spirits.

The former Prime Minister was covered in mosquito bites, as the jail cell he occupies has no mesh netting. He was divested of all small change, luggage, telephone, briefcase, and all personal belongings upon his admittance to Adiala Jail. He was only allowed to keep some medicine with him.

His mother, Begum Shameem Sharif, who tried to make her way to the airport to meet her son on Friday evening, was unable to due to traffic restrictions. She was told on Friday that he would be arrested and brought to Raiwind via helicopter to say goodbye to her, before being transported to Adiala jail, but the meeting never materialised. Due to this, only by special permission the family was allowed to meet yesterday, Saturday. Regular meeting days are Thursday, and visitors have to be pre-approved by the jail superintendent.

The former Prime Minister’s cell is situated across from a water motor, which runs 24 hours, transport constant noise to the cell. Nawaz Sharif asked family members to arrange a pen and paper for him for their next visit, as well as bed sheets, and a few suits of shalwar kameez.

Begum Shameem Sharif was disturbed by the visit, and during the one hour meeting, cried almost for 45 minutes, while praying for her son and granddaughter and blessing them. She returned to Lahore after the meeting at Adiala Jail. Maryam Nawaz kept consoling her paternal grandmother Begum Shameem, and assuring her that things would be alright. Captain Safdar was ill, and had lost a great deal of weight since his arrest, Dr Adnan Khan reported.