Skin patterns on fingertips have their mysterious world. The modern research has introduced many new dimensions in its study and applications, known as biometrics. It’s an unbelievable fact that it carries more than 7 billion variants at a time in such a small area.

The fingerprints are fixed patterns created in the womb of a mother, perhaps in the 4th month of a birth-process. Nowadays, it’s a core part of palmistry, biometric system and criminology sciences. The FBI is leading in this area. Fingerprints are our unique identity and psychological reflections. The Surah Al-Qiamat, versus Nos. 4-6 stamped their significance,before 1400 years ago in these divine words , “ does man think we (God) shall not assemble his bones? Yes, we are even able to proportion to his fingertips”.

The human being is formed with four elements, Water, Earth, Air and Fire.  There is a 5th element too, known as thesoul. The same classification has been adopted in modern hand reading.  Sometimes people have a contradiction in hands’ shapes and fingerprints i.e. air shaped hands  fire prints or multiple patterns on their fingertips which leads to confusion for a layman. Nothing to worry about, these variants and combinations show diversity!  With practice, it can easily be determined. No other branch of knowledge is so effective for self-discovery than fingerprints. You may find out what personality your kids have at this stage ,even when they can’t tell anything. I will not go back in chronological detail but will talk about their applied aspects in today’s world. I will correlate them with five-factor model of personality traits. However, I am intentionally leaving the 5th personality trait ‘ conscientiousness (Soul) ‘, which is a complex for a common man to understand at this level. I will make it part of discussion when come to shapes of hands.

Modern psychology decomposes personality into three levels, i.e genes, early nurturing and situation. The fingerprints are genetics. The shape of hands is early nurturing part of the personality and the living-situation is the palmer lines. It may be kept in view that all the newborn babies have squarish palms till the age of seven. In the next article, we will compare and relate skin patterns to the shape of hands to understand variants and overlapping. Finger prints are greatly helpful in human resource, psychology, sociology, management sciencesand ,life counseling public dealing. The important of all ,they tell us our area of our self-actualization or purpose of life.  People can better understand themselves and people around by knowing their work values, motivational sources, compatibilities, unlock and identify their hidden-talents, emotional management and better educate their children in the direction a child is born for. It’s a fact everyone is unique but we don’t bother to find out the uniqueness. We follow market trends The four basic patterns of finger prints are given below.

Whorls- I think and micro-minded.

Having on all fingers, the person falls under ‘emotional stability’ personality trait on the five factor model. The other keywords are learning on self-discovery, investigating, secrecy, empirical verification, calculated risk taking, slow learner, researchers, latecomers, relaxed, unexcitable, patient, imperturbable, optimistic, perception, individualism, less social, strong communicator, internal locus of control and conservative. It also has the opposite pole and the person will be on neuroticism which reverses the above qualities. The shape of the hands and palmer lines will determine the pole of the personality.Long fingers enhances the above qualities.

Personality trait is an emotional stability. Core Skill is fact-finding.Professional sides are  investigating, research, specialization, editing, proofreading, quality control, literature, scientific and accounts.The Life purpose is service to humanity.The life lesson is to come out of the shell.Management style is the goal setting.Decision making is rational. Romance, they are time-taker in relationship building and displaying feelings.Single Statement about personality is what, where, why, who, whom, etc., the curious nature. The Element is air and compatibility is with Fire and Air.Work values are they need freedom and space, controlled environment and self-direction.

Loops – I feel

There may be radial loops, ulnar loops, double loops, and closed loops. Thekeywords are caring, supporting, nurturing, conflict-free, sympathetic, kind, warm, understanding, soft-hearted, helpful, considerate, cooperative, trustful, affectionate, religion, follow the mainstream & role modeling, emotional, art and culture and social (but their sociability is equity-based unlike fire or openness to experience personality).

The personality trait is agreeableness. Professional fields are caring, supporting and creative professions. Their life purpose is a conflict-free world.A life lesson is taking care of vulnerability. They can easily be exploited due to their soft nature.Decision making is emotional.Management style is ‘Y’. The romantic display is less physical and more romantic.Single statement about personalityis ”take care and how do you do ?”Element is water.

Compatibilityis with water and earth ( loops and low arches ).Work values and source of motivation positive feedback and teamwork.

High Arches – I act and Macro minded.

They are open to experience, hence do not stick to a thing for a longer time. The repetitive and structured jobs kill their creative talent. They need mobility and verity in life which make them willing travellers and risk takers. Other keywords are impulsiveness, intuitive, creative, intellectual, imaginative, philosophical, artistic, complex, intelligent, Innovative, deep, Risky, dynamic, Rash, participant, pro-active, multitasking, mood variation, thrill seekers, exaggeration, social but unlike loops(water) their sociability is based upon domination. Due to their multitasking, they start spreading their energy horizontally, which is not good for them. They hardly go on middle of the road.

Personality trait on the five-factor model is ‘openness to experience’.Life purpose distribution of wisdom and intellectual domination.Professions are management, public dealing, counseling, coaching and training (but not regular teaching).Single personality statement is “I know my ways and what to do”.Life lessons are to check impulsiveness, do not follow intuition blindly and strengthen their communication, especially its feedback aspect. Double check and policy of holding down for some times can make their life easy.Romantic disposition is very impatient and demanding.Locus of control is an external, hence always have readymade excuses.Element is fire and compatibility is with the Air ( whorls) and Fire (high arches).Management style is participative whereas.Decision making is intuitive.Work values are Mobility, variety, and control

This is going to be less common shape of hands in modern world. Keywords are resilient, talkative, aggressive, verbal, sociability, bold, assertive, unrestrained, confident, practical, robust health ,basics ,manual things, open mind for learning, resilient, violent, and stubborn.

Personality trait extrovert.Life purpose is equity ,security and peace.Life lesson needs flexibility and adaptability.Professions are basics, security, agriculture, mining and minerals, uniforms.The management style is ‘X’ or directive.A single statement of personality is I do matter.Locus of control is internal and they take the ownership.Work values are mental security, tradition, and food.A single statement of personality, I do matter!Romantic disposition is physical and less romantic.