LAHORE - JI Emir Senator Sirajul Haq has said the delay in action against sugar barons despite clear directions of the top court is proof of the fact that mafias are power­ful than governments in the country. In fact, he said in a statement issued from Mansoora on Tuesday, the mafias were fearless and fully satisfied knowing these rulers were unable act against them. On the other side, he said, common people were worried and desperate, seeing no betterment in their lives as they were not provided any relief in past 22 months—the day the PTI took con­trol of the government. He regretted the rulers were unmoved and had no interest in public wel­fare. All the claims of the PTI to create millions of jobs and construct thou­sands of houses failed to become reality, he said, adding economy was on the verge of the col­lapse and the country became a colony of the IMF. He said the prices of the daily food items and utility bills were touch­ing the skies. The people were starving to death due to unavailability of earning facilities and these were all the gifts of the present govern­ment which had made tall claims to change the destiny of people after coming into power, he lamented.