The chairman of Pakistan Tehrike-I-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has claimed that within next four years PTI would form its regime. Once PTI is in power Pakistan would be free from American slavery and drone attacks. PTI is in search of ideological and passionate youngsters. The war within our country is not of Pakistan or its nation it is of America, we have lost lives of 35 thousands innocent Pakistanis in a war that is not ours. The present Pakistani regime is a salve to America and is not capable to stop drone attacks, which are killing our own nation, Imran Khan said while addressing a public rally on the occasion of joining of Qazi Akbar with PTI. In this context, through a conspiracy efforts have been made to create misunderstandings between forces and the nation. The law and order situation has become so worse that Rangers are publicly killing innocent youngsters. Various other leaders including the leader of Pakistan Muslim League (Q) District Attock, close friend of former District Nazim Attock Major (R) Tahir Sadiq and former District Nazim Attock Qazi Khalid also joined PTI. The Chairman of PTI further said that we dont need politicians who bow before foreign forces over one phone call. Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and all the politicians should declare their foreign asserts. The politicians that have imposed taxes on the nation in the new budget themselves never have paid any taxes, while Nawaz Sharif only has paid tax of rupees 5000. More than 60 parliamentarians have not paid any taxes and should be ashamed of them selves. Imran khan said that due to the failure of rulers our country has been facing acute deficiency of electricity, Sui gas and petrol. Wiki leaks have exposed the inside story of all the politicians. I never have bowed in front of any one neither will I let my nation down, Imran said. Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are one; they only pretend to be against each other. President Zardari should stop doing politics in the name of Benazir Income support programme, and Shahbaz Sharif is not serving the nation through yellow cap. The first rally of PTI was held in Attock 15 years ago, and now the new revolution is also starting from Attock, Nawaz Sharif and Zardari should get ready for leaving. The revolution of justice would start from Attock and it would spread in the whole Punjab and country , which finally will put an end to the regimes of conscience less politicians.