Kabul: At least five senior commanders of Taliban were killed in coalition forces air strike in Babaji district, Helmand province, officials say here on Wednesday.

In the attack, 28 Taliban were also injured.

A security official of the province told BNA the attack took place by coalition forces in outskirt of Babaji district, Helmand province, in which 5 senior commanders of Taliban lost their lives and 28 others were injured.

Meanwhile, 26 armed militants were also killed and 31 others were injured in an air raid  of security forces in Balabalok district, Farah province, Afghan media reported on Wednesday.

Mohammad Iqbal Baher police spokesman of Farah province told BNA, the attack carried out on strongholds of Taliban in outskirt of the mentioned district, which caused killing of 26 insurgents and wounding of 31 others.

According to reports, numerous of weapons were also seized by the forces as well.