LALAMUSA - Former deputy prime minister and central leader of PML-Q Ch Pervaiz Elahi, the candidate for NA- 69, PP-30 Gujrat, has cautioned electorate not to be tempted by the fascinating but hallow slogans of his political opponents.

He urged the pople to cast their vote on the basis of performance and  if it is not done, the country once again may be  pushed into quagmire of  problems. He was addressing a group of people gathered outside the returning office here at Gujrat, after the acceptance of his nomination papers, at his ancestral home town.

He also alleged that PML-N during its tenure brought the country at the brink of disaster and likewise its previous governments did nothing to ameliorate the sufferings of masses. Whereas, he said, during his party’s 5-year government in Punjab, it did a lot for the betterment of laborers, businessmen, farmers, particularly in the spheres of health, education, justice system for the commonalities and such things have not happened in the history of country.

To a query, he maintained that PML-Q has fielded its candidates from all the provinces and from Sindh PML-Q has alliance with the GDA, under the leadership of Pir Paghara, he added. He regretted that the cardiac hospital established in his tenure at Wazirabad has not been made functional in last 10 years by Mian Shehbaz Sharif. Similarly, Shehbazpur bridge over Chenab initiated by his Government is still pending and if he comes to power, he will complete all the development projects, he said.

The district administration has appointed 14 district officers to monitor and implement code of conduct imposed by the Election Commission of Pakistan for the contesting contenders vying for various seats during election process.

Those nominated are XCN highways and assistant food controller Gujrat for PP 28-1; SDO building and district food controller Gujrat for PP29-2; deputy administrator Auqaf and deputy director livestock for PP30-3; Circle registrar co-operative societies and deputy director social welfare for PP-31-4; deputy district officer highways for PP-32-5; Dy director agriculture and district zakat officer for PP-33-6; Dy director water management and Dy director housing for PP-34-7. The district head maintained that these officer will keep a vigil over conduct of the aspirants and in case of any misconduct, the matter would immediately be reported to district monitoring officer/DC Gujrat who will impose fine upon the defaulter and if the same action is repeated over and over, the DC will convey the same to Election Commission of Pakistan.