KARACHI - A blend of fun, laughter, love and thrilling experience, the trailer of the movie Jackpot ensures that the audience won’t be disappointed. Pakistani movies are being shot internationally and Jackpot takes the lead of shooting it at the famous James Bond Island.

Packed with the powerful performance of Javed Sheikh, Noor Hassan, Sanam Chaudhry, Sana Fakhar, Adnan Shah, Inayat Khan, ReyhanaPandit and Ismail Tara, the 2 and a half minute long trailer tickles you so much that you can’t stop laughing. Features the struggle for the money and how they escape from it.

Jackpot is written by Babar Kashmiri, while the amazing music is being done by NaveedNashad and choreographed by Sonu Dangerous. Furthermore, Anubhav Bansal for cinematography and Shoaib Khan for direction have also been roped in from India. The movie is shot in Thailand and Pakistan, capturing the exotic scenic locations and is slated to release in July 2018. Jackpot is indeed a beautiful addition to the revival of Pakistani cinema, taking it to the heights of international level.

With this effort and hard work, Jackpot is surely going to rock the box office and will be a treat for the cinema lovers.