ISLAMABAD-The Capital Development Authority on Friday presented its surplus budget with an outlay of Rs24,038 million and receipts of Rs25,785.08 million for the financial year of 2019-20, showing a surplus budget of Rs1,747 million.

However, till such time budgetary allocation for Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) staff is made by federal government or the MCI, CDA has held back Rs3,000 million under the head of “Pay and Allowances” and “Utility Charges” within the effect of budgetary outlay which comes to Rs27,095.78 million.

Rs10,873 million has been kept for various development activities for the Capital which includes budgetary provision for development of Sectors for which PC-I has been approved. Moreover, various other development works like construction of underpass between sector F-7/F-8 and G-7/G-8 at Faisal Avenue, Burma Bridge and additional block at Capital Hospital, CDA have also been included in the budget. Besides, Rs.797.19 million has been kept for various PSDP projects in the Capital including Signal Free Islamabad Expressway.

The allocations have been made for all the projects for which PC-Is and PC-IIs are approved in the 43rd and 44th CDADWP meetings held within 03 months. In this context, the contracts for G-7/G-8 and Park Enclave have already been floated.

In line with the policy of the federal government to substantially curtail non-development expenditure of the government departments, the Capital Development Authority does not propose any increase in the non development expenditure during 2019-20. The increase in “Pay & Allowances” and “Utility Charges” will be met from within the proposed budgetary provision by enforcing strictly austerity and economy measures.

After approval from CDA board the budget will be submitted to Federal Government for approval.