Peshawar             -      Awami National Party Central General Secretary Mian Iftikhar Hussain said yesterday that ANP had rejected the federal budget as it has ignored the rights of all the provinces having no sufficient allocation for health and education sectors.

He said that the PTI’s government is making excuses that the country is affected due to the corona pandemic but it is not ready to accept its alleged failure in terms of inflation and price hike.

He said that it is the first government in the history of Pakistan which is allegedly usurping the rights of all provinces and the PTI provincial government is also least interested to secure its financial share from the federal government.

He added that the salaries of government employees were not increased for the first time in the history of the country while health and education sectors were also ignored in this budget.

 He said that the merged districts were not provided their funds to start mega projects in tribal districts.

He said that the federal government has promised that the merged districts would receive a package like northern areas of Gilgit Baltistan but uptil now the government has not released any fund to the merged districts of erstwhile FATA.

He said that there is no relief for the common people in this budget and no allocation has been made for the uplift of the downtrodden classes.

He said that there is record increase in circular debts from 2300 to 4300 billion rupees.

He demanded of the government to immediately increase salaries of government employees and allocate money for the low income class of the society to support their families in this critical time of increasing pandemic.