LAHORE - Punjab Information Minister Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan, on Sunday, has said that smart and targeted lockdown is best way to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The information minister said that instead of criticising the efforts of the government, the time was to get united to fight the virus. While stressing on the need for people’s cooperation to stop the spread of the virus he appealed to the public and especially the traders to ensure that SOPs were followed.

The minister said that PM Imran Khan, from the day one, had been a proponent of the policy of smart lockdown and the Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar was conducting the affairs of the province according to the vision of the prime minister.

He said that many people were urging the government to enforce a strict lockdown but a curfew style lockdown was murderous for poor masses and would be prove to be disastrous for the economy adding that we had seen the worst affect of a stringent lockdown in India.

The Minister said that a strict lockdown resulted in the bankruptcy of New York City which had a health budget that was more than the total budget of Pakistan. He said that the government of Punjab had taken action against 7,000 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) violations in the province.