ISLAMABAD- The Awami Muslim League chief, Sheikh Rashid Ahmad criticized the PML-N leadership for learning no lesson from exile, as it was still bent on adopting pro-Indian policies.
Addressing a press conference on Friday at the National Press Club, Islamabad, he said that government had given no relief to common man, including from petroleum products. He added that all benefits , including the ones from the decline in the value of dollar , had been blithely passed to just one tycoon like Mian Mansha .
He also asked the government to explain the unusually massive revenue of $1.5 billion from abroad.
“Since the past few days, a media trial is being hatched against me, to force me to resign from the National Assembly”, he said. He added that he would resign “if it would help to resolve national crisis”.
He demanded that the trial against Musharraf should be initiated from Oct 12, 1999. “I would personally be a witness against Musharraf over Article 6,” he said. He also expressed doubts about the success of government-Taliban dialogue. Sheikh Rashid also criticized the Sindh government for indulging in the luxurious ‘Sindh cultural festival’, while the citizens of Thar perished in a famine.