Pakistan and China have always been close to each other in the march of history regardless of the terrain they were traversing. They have shared moments of trial as well as jubilation, one of the reasons why the journey of affinity has been advancing forward without either side looking backwards. Premier Li Keqiang’s first ever visit to Pakistan planned next week while the country goes through a successful democratic transition is being eagerly awaited. Happiness of Pakistanis invariably brings joy to Beijing and vice versa.

The trip is also being seen as an ice-breaker between the two leaderships taking charge in both the countries. Already felicitations have been conveyed to PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif over his resounding victory. Mr Li Keqiang would be interacting with a cross-section of leaders including President Zardari, the top brass and Mian Nawaz Sharif. While the visit would focus on fostering further the strategic as well as economic ties, it is reassuring to note that the existing ties are of heights -- Himalayan in all conscience -- where to only tag them as one-dimensional or formal for that matter would be to look down on the pinnacle where the two friends stand at the moment.

At the same time, we must take a cue from the extraordinary methods that are behind the economic giant that China is today. After all this is what various Chinese leaders themselves have been hinting at from time to time, when they relate to the glorious chapter of mutual cooperation and development projects. The bottom line is that instead of merely latching on to somebody, we must learn to practice all that is worth following. Here in Pakistan a new government is in the offing and as it rises to free its people from multiple traumas pulling them down, a forthcoming partner in Beijing would serve to be the much needed morale booster. The country looks forward to welcoming the Chinese Premier. Governments and leaders may come and go but the bond of affection between the two friends will forever last.