The PML-N obtained 3,23,671 votes as secured one of the two National Assembly and two Provincial Assembly seats while rival Independent Group of Ch Mehdi Hassan Bhatti secured 2,69,163 votes by winning one each NA and PP seats, revealed elections results complied by the returning officers.

According to the results, the PPPP got 10,926, JI 4,321, PTI 21,065, MQM 1,530, PML-J 796 votes and the rest by Independent candidates.

The PML-N got victory in one NA and two PA seats while Mehdi group obtained one NA and one PA seat. According to the results, Saira Afzal Tarar (PML-N) was re-elected MNA for second time and got 93,013 votes while her close rival Ch Shoukat Ali Bhatti got 67,452 votes in NA-102. The registered voters in the constituency were 2,84,417. In this constituency Ch Usman Khizar Mangat (Ind) got 282, Ch Younis Hanjra (PML-J) 529, Hajan Allah Rakhi 3,506, Habib Ullah Cheema of JI 1031, Riaz Ahmad Tarar of PTI 5,355, Muhammad Akram Mujahid Ind 565, Ateeque Rehman Ind 505, Nasir Ayub of MQM 399 and Nasrullah Hanjra (Ind) 154. The registered voters in the constituency were 2,84,417 while 1,76,958 votes were polled. In this constituency the winner got 93,013 while loser 79,778 obtained votes. The turnout remained 62.21 against 61.20 percent in 2008.

Former Federal Minister Ch Liaqat Abbas Bhatti was re-elected for the third consecutive time as MNA by bagging 76,188 votes against his close rival of PML-N Mian Shahid Hussain Bhatti who obtained 57,877 votes in NA-103. Other candidates who were defeated included Akhtar Hussain Bhatti of PTI 4,450, Imdad Ullah Ind. 1233, Jahan Khan Tarar of MQM 585, Sikandar Ind. 385, Mubashir Ind. 173, Shoukat Ali Ind. 673, Sadia Liaqat 337, Muhammad Rafique Ind. 1,823, Mushtaq Mohal of PPP 858, Zahid Hussain Ind. 652. The registered voters in the constituency were 2,59,258 of which 1,65,135 votes were polled. In this constituency the winner got 76,188 while losers obtained 86,826 votes. The turnout remained 63.69 against 63.37 percent in 2008.

Malik Fayyaz Ahmad Awan of PML-N won PP-105 by getting 54,788 votes as against close rival Dr Muzaffar Ali Sheikh Ind. who got 37,098. Other defeated candidates, Iftikhar Ali Ansari Ind. got 1622, Khizar Hayat Mangat Ind. 47, Rafqat Ghazali JUP-N 36, Usman Khizar Ind. 160, Hafiz Muhammad Ashraf Ind. 644, Habib Ullah Cheema JI 1639, Rana Irfan MQM 415, Sajid Gondal PML-J 267, Syed Wasim-ul-Hassan Naqvi Ind. 9509, Shoaib Aslam Ind. 649, Ali Abbas Awan PTI 3760, Ashraf Bhatti Ind. 308, Irfan Javed Ind. 70, Malik Shoukat Hayat Awan PPPP 6245. The registered voters in the constituency were 1,98,218 out of which 1,19,818 votes were cast. In this constituency the winner got 54,788 while losers obtained 62,469 votes. The turnout remained 60.44 against 57.83 percent in 2008.

Ch Muhammad Asad Ullah Arain of PML-N won MPA seat second time consecutively by getting 51, 346 votes while his close rival Rai Riasat Ali Kharal Ind. 36,156 and latter’s son-in-law Rai Qamaruz Zaman Kharal Ind. Got 15,995 votes. Other losers Aman Ullah Chattha of JI got 1,651, Shoukat Bhatti Ind. 289, Jahanghir Ali Ind. 497 and Muhammad Qasim Tarar of PTI 4,217 votes. The registered voters in the constituency were 1,71,595 of which 1,13,690 votes were polled. In this constituency the winner got 51,346 while losers obtained 58,805 votes. The turnout remained 66.17 against 66.96 percent in 2008.

Syed Shoaib Shah Nawaz Ind. won the PP-107 seat first time by obtaining 52,269 votes as against his close rival Nighat Intisar Bhatti of PML-N who got 48,874 votes. Other losers Sobia Saif Bhatti PTI got 32,83, Ahmad Nawaz Rind 344, Bashir Ahmad 61, Sikandar Nawaz 134, Qamar Javed Gujjar 197, Mubashar Abbas Bhatti 43, Munir Arain 416, Haq Nawaz 63, Rai Ishaq 108, Abdul Hadi Khan 413, Imran Hassan Bhatti 110, Muhammad Razzaq 1073, Muhammad Rafique 599, Mehmood Ahmad Mohal 144 and Nazim Abbas Bhatti (independents) 362 and Rai Shahid Raza Kharal PPPP 516, Ansar Abbas Bhatti MQM 151.

 The registered voters in the constituency were 1,73,660 while 1,10,931 votes were cast. In this constituency the winner got 52,269 while losers obtained 56,691 votes. The turnout remained 63.87 against 61.96 percent in 2008.