Osama bin Laden was the most wanted terrorist and on the top of the list of the men wanted by the CIA in connection with his key role in 9/11 attacks on the American soil. He was allegedly killed in Abbottabad four years ago in the dark of the night by US Navy Sea, Air and Land teams (SEAL), which usually execute special operations in consonance with the American CIA. The American state department had asserted immediately after their successful action that the Pakistani authorities were kept unaware of this operation. The Pakistani authorities also admitted publicly about their failure to identify the abode of Osama in Abbottabad or the timely information of the air attack by the Navy SEALs. The doubts were however raised in USA and Pakistan about this standpoint of the authorities. The Pakistani Government formed a judicial commission to find out the truth about all such contentions regarding the whereabouts of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan and the circumstances, which led to his death with special reference to any role played by a Pakistani in his personal capacity or, at the institutional level.

It is highly regretful that the report of the commission submitted long time ago is still waiting to be unveiled in Pakistan. The recent story filed by Seymour Hersh, an investigative journalist from USA has again raised the controversy alleging prior knowledge of some responsible Pakistanis at individual level. The government of Pakistan and USA both have categorically denied any such collusion.

The stance of Pakistanis can only be qualified and relied upon if they make the report of the judicial commission public. It is not understandable why the authorities are not making the report public? Are they trying to cover up the facts and scared to take actions if the commission has identified certain loopholes in the narrative? If that is the case, the responsible authorities will surely keep cutting a sorry figure before the international fraternity as the stories like the one Seymour Hersh has filed will keep appearing time and again from here and there. Now when Pakistan stands fully committed to eradicate terrorism, would it not be appropriate to reveal the report and give a qualified stand to the Government itself and the masses regarding this controversy? Such action will strengthen the resolve of those who are all out in favour of Operation Zarb-e-Azab and weaken the apologists.