No one would have been surprised to learn that RAW is behind all that ails the land of the pure. Of course it is! India is jealous of our success and wants to make sure that all the work of ALL the hard working Pakistanis, especially our exalted army, is for naught.

After all we are the flag-bearers of the best religion humanity has ever seen and denizens of the greatest nation, not only on the planet, but dare I say, in the entire universe. When I say best religion though, let me clarify that for the majority of us it is the Saudi sanctioned Sunni Islam. The others we are not so sure about.

If it is not an Indian conspiracy, then it is one perpetuated by the US, which is not able to digest the glorious religion we follow and the amazing nation we belong to. This was explained to me very patronizingly by a doctor. She informed me that if I read the history of Deobandis, I will realize that they are an American agenda, which backs them in order to malign Islam. 

If you don't subscribe to all of the above sanctioned viewpoints you are not only a traitor but are also awarded with a bunch of derogatory names to show that you are not a Muslim either.

The idea is to make sure that people who question the strategy of our lord and masters are silenced into submission, so that any criticism of sacred cows is stopped in its tracks. And religion is Pakistan's topmost sacred cow, used by our rulers to imprison us from all sides, even as they light a fire beneath us. Many of us refuse to believe this and those who do, don't know how to free themselves.

The main culprit behind this imprisonment is the establishment – another sacred cow – about whom we may not utter a word of critique because they protect us from the terrorists. It also protects us from the scourge that is India and most importantly guards the sanctity of the faith from the kuffar.

And because it is a sacred cow that cannot be criticized, we hear again that RAW is behind the latest act of brutality in Karachi, where 45 people belonging to the Ismailia community were executed. Immediately, the "foreign hand" terminology started doing the rounds, lest we actually question our protectors about their promise to completely obliterate terrorism after December 16.

The political parties, the government and even the media parrot this terminology because they must. And we, who are surrounded by them from all sides, sit and wonder what has happened to us.

We either refuse to believe, or are too scared to admit that our military establishment rules us under the guise of democracy. And it does this by removing all avenues of discussion, disagreement and critique. It does this by supporting only those who speak their language, or those who promote their agenda, even at the cost of human lives.

I think it is time to get over the greatness of our religion and nation as our only unifying factors and start asking questions of why we are where we are; and this includes not only questioning ourselves but most importantly, our leadership.

Many years ago I saw a cartoon where a cat was cooking an unconscious fish in a frying pan. The fish woke up and said "who's cooking fish?" The cat replied "You're!" Our situation is like that of the fish. We know something is being cooked but do not realize it is us. If we do not speak up in every way we can, they will continue to silence us, they will curtail whatever freedom is left by banning anything that makes us happy and they will continue to fool us by promising to eliminate terrorism and then blaming their own inefficiency on "outside agencies", while knowing that it is their own allies that are doing this.

We must break these chains and fight against everything that we have been (and are being) brainwashed into thinking, because: "You're!"