ISLAMABAD - Pakistan People’s Par­ty chief Bilawal Bhutto Zardari yesterday urged the people pray at home today (May 15) as the Friday and Youn-e-Ali (AS) were falling togeth­er.

The PPP leader ap­pealed to the nation in a video message to pro­tect themselves and their children from Cov­id-19.

He said: “Tomorrow (May 15) is not only Jamatul Mubarak but also 21st Ramadan and Yom-e-Ali (AS) so we all should say special prayers at home and pray to Almighty Allah to save us all from this pandemic.”

Bilawal said that we should also say special prayers for our front line doctors, nurses, paramedical staff and health workers who are fighting with Covid-19 and putting their own lives and health in dan­ger. We want to put as much burden on them as much they can bear, he said.

He also got briefing about the situation of Covid-19 and relief ac­tivities through tele­phone to Senator Yousuf Baloch, Sindh ministers Sohail Anwar Sial and Jam Ikramullah Dhare­jo and member nation­al assembly Khalid Khan Lund.

Senator Yousuf Baloch presented the Chairman a report about Covid-19 situation in Lyari and also briefed about the ration distribution in the area. Chairman Bil­awal instructed Senator Yousuf Baloch to take every measure to pro­tect people from Cov­id-19 and have aware­ness for the people to follow social distancing.

The PPP chief was briefed about the situation in Larka­na from Sohail Anwar Sial who presented a detailed report to the Chairman.

He directed Sohail An­war Sial to resolve peo­ple’s issues in the area and assure relief to them. Sohail Anwar Sial informed the Chairman that all measures are be­ing taken for Yom-e-Ali (AS) and also said that measures are being tak­en to distribute Zakwat to the deserving before Eid. Rupees 2000 has been delivered to each person with BISP card and during 2019-20 a total of 189.868 rupees have been distributed to 94934 registered peo­ple.

Bilawal got informa­tion about labourers from Ikramullah Dhare­jo and directed him to take every measure to protect labourers from Covid-19.

The PPP has a priori­ty to save the health and employment of labour­ers, the PPP Chairman said.

He asked Dharejo to inform people about the importance of social distancing.