KARACHI - Pakistan Hockey Federation under President Qasim Zia introduced many first in national hockey like paid coaches and retainership for the national players has decided to empower women in the sports. In a letter issued to the regional hockey organizations the PHF has advised them to appoint only women as manager of the women teams. The announcement is totally different from the policies of the past officials that included names like Hamidi and Atif who never gave a thought to empower women in order to promote the sport among ladies. They never thought of having an exclusive lady manager of ladies team. Instead they preferred men as manger of the women hockey team. However after Qasim Zia and secretary Asif Bajwa took over the reins of the PHF they have taken a number of decisions which ran against the age old tradition of the game but helped the sports in the current scenario of the game in the world. According to the announcement of the PHFthe 27th National Womens Hockey Championship will be played at National Hockey Stadium Lahore from 9th to 18th December 2011. The women hockey teams from each Region of the Province (Punjab 08, Sindh 05, KPK 01, Balochistan 02 and Islamabad 01) and Departmental teams of WAPDA, Railways, Army, HEC and Police will participate. The Championship will be organized by the Punjab Women Hockey Association on behalf of the PHF Womens Wing. The PHF Womens Wing will detail a Panel of Technical Officials for the smooth conduct of the national premiere event. The contingent of each unit will comprise strictly of 18 players, 2 team officials, out of whom the Manager must be female (NO Male officials will be entertained). The players and officials will be admissible one way economy class railway fare.