ISLAMABAD     -    PML-Q leaders Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain and Parvez Elahi Thursday called on JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman at his residence in Islamabad and discussed with him peaceful resolution of issues.

The meeting was also attended by Punjab Minister Hafiz Ammar Yasir, Senator Talha Mahmood and others.

Later addressing a joint press conference, Ch Shujaat said the JUI-F chief was a democratic person and wanted a system which protects rights of every citizen.

Shujaat urged the government to let Nawaz Sharif go abroad for medical treatment. He said life was in hands of Allah Almighty. He advised Prime Minister Imran Khan to avoid taking such measures which could land him in trouble in future.

Shujaat said he had visited Fazl to congratulate him on his successful and peaceful dharna (sit-in). He said democracy in the country was necessary and leadership should come up to expectations of the people and solve all their problems ensuring provision of all basic amenities.

Shujaat said Imran Khan should allow Nawaz to go abroad. “If God-forbid anything happens, it will be ‘aspersion’ which Imran Khan should not take on himself and let him go. Our party member Tariq Bashir Cheema had said in the National Assembly that government should not indulge in conditions and adamancy on this issue,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Ch Parvez Elahi praised JUI-F’s Azadi March and termed it a sit-in which was very disciplined and peaceful. He said Fazl’s JUI-F left all parties behind.

He termed Fazl a real leader of the opposition saying Maulana played role of a real opposition leader because a huge sit-in was held under his leadership.

Parvez Elahi said Fazl’s sit-in was fully peaceful, no sticks (Laathi) and bullets were used and fired, nor anyone was injured, traffic also kept running, and participants also did cleanliness by themselves.

He said “The way sit-in participants followed their leader’s orders and displayed peace and discipline, we accept leadership of the Maulana from our hearts. This sit-in has become part of the history.”

Talking to a private TV channel, Parvez Elahi said credit also goes to Imran Khan for exhibiting such a patience and tolerance during Azadi March which is why the sit-in remained peaceful and non-violent. He said he had high trust in Maulana Fazl.

Parvez said his party was going to win 2008 elections in Punjab but they were defeated. He advised PM Khan to be open-hearted and focus on economy. He added his party wanted Nawaz Sharif to go abroad. He said Azadi March made Fazl leader of the opposition parties.

Addressing the presser, Maulana Fazlur Rehman said they held sit-in in a peaceful manner. He said if Prime Minister Imran Khan had resigned, the protest would not have spread throughout the country.

He elaborated that they were fighting for the nation and will protest democratically until they get their ultimate goals.

He said party workers were gathering on all major highways. The workers had been directed not to perturb masses while protesting in different cities.

He said it was extremely unethical and non-democratic act of the government to demand a guarantee from an ailing person.

He said PML-N premier should be given permission to travel abroad for treatment. Fazl said it was their democratic right to protest against fake democracy.

Fazl praised Ch Shujaat and Ch Parvez Elahi and said, “By holding million march, we have proved we are peaceful, democratic and non-violent people.”

Reiterating demand for allowing Nawaz Sharif go abroad unconditionally, he said, “We are continuing Azadi March peacefully. After gathering in Islamabad, process of gatherings throughout the country has started. Almost on all highways of Pakistan our workers and people are getting together and they have been given clear directions that you have to take care of patients, passengers and ambulances and have been asked to constitute local committees for providing relief to the people and taking decisions in emergency and this is our democratic way and right.”