ISLAMABAD - Minister for Information and Broadcasting Senator Shibli Faraz has said that erstwhile regimes did nothing for Gilgit Baltisttan and PTI has become very popular among the people of Gilgit Baltisttan.

Addressing a news conference here yesterday, he said that people of Gilgit Baltisttan have allotted their acceptability for PTI as former governments during the last 10 years did nothing for Gilgit Baltisttan. The minister said that all political parties have been participating with zeal and zest in the GB elections and carrying out their election campaigns with political fervour. Commenting on the statements and election speeches of opposition parties in GB polls, the minister said that it seems that Opposition has accepted their defeat and they are going to announce their defeat as rigging in polls.

The minister also stated that media should focus on GB elections with full coverage and keep monitoring the GB elections with all perspectives. The information minister said that the PTI government has been making every available endeavour to ensure transparency and impartiality in Gilgit Baltisttan elections.

It is a very strange behaviour on part of the Opposition that if they win elections, they acknowledge transparency and impartiality and alleges rigging, if they lose elections. The PML-N leadership is getting confused in their approach and thinking as they want power at every cost, said Senator Shibli Faraz. He added that thinking and approach of PML-N can't be considered as democratic. In the gaab of democracy, PML-N is employing unconstitutional endeavours to derail the government. He said that Prime Minister Imran Khan came to power following the political struggle of 22 years.

He also added that Pakistan's economic indicators are moving towards stability and betterment despite coronavirus pandemic lockdown and Covid-19 challenges. The minister said the government is working on a mechanism to keep check on prices of commodities. A good news is in the making and inflation will be curtailed soon, said Shibli Faraz. He said that Pakistan is heading in the right direction and all indicators showing positive trend in economy. He said industrial sector is growing despite Covid-19 impact.

He also said petroleum products prices will be further reduced for the next month. He said the current account deficit for the first time in the history of country has declined and now it is showing surplus trend.

The minister said Pakistan rupee is also strengthening and prices of essential commodities are also decreasing due to the prudent policies of the government. He said that conspiracies of Indian lobbies to make instability in Pakistan will be foiled.