ISLAMABAD - Minister for Planning Prof Ahsan Iqbal has claimed that hidden hands are creating obstacles in the way of development of the country saying that whenever a strong government comes up with a vision these forces try their level best to damage the interests of Pakistan.

Ahsan Iqbal while addressing the launching ceremony of Human Resource Development Network here on Tuesday said that whenever a strong government comes into power that worries the enemies of Pakistan and they start playing their tactics to keep the country under developed.

“Nobody will ever touch a neutral or a government that does not take big initiatives”, he said. Ahsan appreciated the launching of HRDN and said human resource development was a key factor for a country to prosper. Without a stable political government no country could develop, Ahsan said adding that political stability, right economic agenda and positive thinking were the basic requirements for the development of the country. “There were stable governments too in Pakistan such as of dictators but they did not have vision to develop the country. They did not work in water and power field that the nation is suffering now”, he said.

While pointing out the allegations of Imran Khan being leveled on different state institutions, Ahsan said that these people are terming everyone thief including judiciary, parliament and bureaucracy. “When we don’t trust anyone, how would the country prosper,” he questioned.

“We are as good nation as some other nation and as bad as others”, he said. There is no country without faults and the same is the case with us. We are a normal nation in the same way the other nations are with all positive and negative things.

Ahsan Iqbal said that the government has taken a series of initiatives for human resource development in the country. The government has allocated Rs 12.5 billion in the current fiscal budget to gear up a campaign for the achievement of Millennium Development Goals. Apart from that a sum of Rs 10 billion endowment fund has also been introduced for human resource development, under which deserving youth will be provided with necessary funds.

Ahsan Iqbal said a science talent programme has been started under which 500outstanding students will be chosen for higher science education every year. He said the Higher Education Commission has been directed to establish university or their campuses in each district of the country.

The Minister said funds have been provided to Education Ministry to carry out curriculum reforms in accordance with the international standards and introduce a uniform examination system. He said funds have also been allocated for Madrasah reforms. 

Ahsan said political stability and continuity of policies are pre-requisite for sustainable development of the country. He said politicians, the media and the intelligentsia should play their role in national solidarity to reap the fruits of development.