KASUR - At least three women and four children were allegedly raped in Kasur district over the past two days, it emerged on Wednesday.

Additionally, one case of attempted rape was also reported from the city. According to one complaint, a woman was gang-raped at gun point by seven men, who hailed from Bheela village. A first information report was filed at the Sheikhum police station with the victim’s husband as the complainant, who said that this was the second time the suspects had raped his wife.

The complainant said that the suspects had locked his house and were forcing him and his family to leave the village. Investigation is underway, but police are yet to arrest any suspect.In another case, a man allegedly raped a 15-years-old girl in Noorpur Jattan village within the Sadar Chunian police station’s jurisdiction. 

The victim was alone at her house when she was assaulted by the suspect, who belongs to the same village. 

An FIR of the incident was registered and the suspect had been arrested. According to another FIR filed at the Chunian police station, a woman from Gidhpur village was sexually assaulted by a man when she was alone at her house.

The suspect then fled from the scene, but was later arrested by the police. Separately, a three-year-old boy was sexually abused by a 12-year-old in Rati Pindi village, according to an FIR registered at Kot Radha Kishan police station with the victim’s father as the complainant. 

The juvenile suspect took the victim to the roof of his house where he was seen by some women from the village.

According to the complainant, the village council was forcing him to reconcile with the suspect, however the victim’s father had refused. Police have arrested the suspect.

Another FIR was lodged at the Phoolnagar police station, according to which a four-year-old boy was raped by a man in the fields in the Bonga Balochan village. 

The child was lured into the fields by the suspect, who managed to escape after abusing the victim. He was later arrested.

A seven-year-old boy was allegedly sexually assaulted at an under-construction house in the Bhasarpura locality, which falls in the jurisdiction of B-Division police station. According to the FIR, the suspect took the child to the house where he subjected him to rape. The suspect is under arrest.

Another incident was reported from Hameed Town, where a man raped a 13-year-old boy who was his neighbour. An FIR was lodged at the City Pattoki police station, which said that the suspect took the victim to his house. The suspect has been arrested and investigation is underway.

Separately, a case of attempted rape was registered at Saddar police station. According to the FIR, the suspect tried to sexually assault his sister-in-law but fled after she screamed. 

An FIR was registered with the victim as the complainant and the suspect has been arrested.