LAHORE  - The Punjab Revenue Authority has announced that its tax collection amount in first two months of current fiscal year of 2015-16 has been improved against revenue collection of the same period in last fiscal year.

In Banking, Non-Banking and Insurance sector, PRA has outperformed in its collection for July 2014 which was 588.648 million rupees which increased to the level of 641.717, gaining by 9.02 percent. Similarly, the August 2015 collection increased to 899.939 million rupees from 794.301, depicting 13.30 percent gain. The Withholding Agent sector saw a boom as it increased to 129.38 percent during July 2015 in comparison to July 2014 while the month of August 2015 also noticed an increase of 153.76 percent as compared to August 2014. The collection from security agencies has also been remarkable as it increased by 20.82 percent and 43.46 percent for July and August 2015 respectively. The gain in Construction Services Sector has been exceptional as it increased by 324.55 percent and 263.30 percent during July and August 2015 respectively, in comparison to the same months during 2014. 

The remarkable development in regards of Revenue Collection particularly with reference to July and August 2015 in comparison with July and August 2014 can be seen in Restaurant sector (July, August 2015; 13.60 percent, 12.48 percent), Courier Services (July, August 2015; 6.60 percent, 9.99 percent), Technical scientific & engineering consultant including technical inspection and certification services (July, August 2015; 27.11 percent), Hotels (July, August 2015 ; 50.91 percent), Travel Agents (July, August 2015; 1232698.0 percent), Franshise Services  (July, August 2015; 14.79 percent), Mining Services (July, August 2015; 75.58 percent), Cargo service and conduit services (July, August 2015; 8458.41 percent, 121.30 percent), Manpower recruitment agents (July, August 2015; 188.17 percent, 795.20 percent), Auto-workshops (July, August 2015; 45216636.00 percent, 1395.49 percent), Software or IT based system development consultants (July, August 2015; 180.39 percent, 137.71 percent), Business support services (July, August 2015; 4.99 percent, 36.48 percent), Customs Agents (July, August 2015; 17.02 percent, 26.55 percent), Toll Manufacturing (July, August 2015 ; 2.85 percent, 384.65 percent), Port operators, airport operators, airport ground services providers and terminal operators (July, August 2015 ; 38.42 percent, 26.37 percent), and Other Services (July, August 2015 ; 140.61 percent, 110.78 percent).