BAHAWALNAGAR -  Consumers cried foul the apathetic attitude of the district which administration has allegedly turned a blind eye to the skyrocketing prices of eatables.

They said that the administration was apparently indifferent to their plight and playing the role of silent spectator as profiteering, hoarding and price hike were unbridled. As per available figures, the prices of 1 kg tomato rocketed to Rs150, earlier it was sold for Rs70/kg. Lemon and garlic are selling at 200/kg, other vegetables and fruit are also going beyond the reach of common man. The gravity of the situation can be gauged that price control committees and market committees have failed to control the artificial price hike and profiteering, the local people said.

“The prices of lemon, onion, tomatoes, potatoes, apple, peach, bananas etc have risen -to thrice. The quarters concerned have apparently turned a blind eye to the grievance,” they said. However, the consumer cried foul at the artificial price hike.


Additional District Collector Rana Amjad managed to escape a raid on his house conducted by a team of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) here the other day. The team was led by NAB Assistant Director Faisal Manzoor. The raid was conducted in connection with the cases filed against him during his posting as assistant commissioner in Ahmedpur East and in those cases, the court has ordered his arrest.


Sohail Khan