BAJAUR    -   The district authorities on Monday announced to reopen public educational institutions from today (Tuesday) after remaining closed for about six months due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The decision to reopen the educational institutions was taken at a meeting of senior officials of the district administration and education department chaired by Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Fayyaz Khan.  

The meeting held on Monday, a day before the planned phase-wise reopening of educational institutions by the federal government, was aimed to adopt strategy to ensure anti-Covid-19 measures in the institutions.  It was decided in the meeting to reopen all colleges, vocational institutions and high schools across the district from today (Tuesday) under strict SOPs. 

According to the decision, all middle schools will be reopened from September 23, while the primary schools would be resumed on Sept 30. 

Senior officials of the education department informed the meeting that they had finalized arrangements to reopen all colleges and high schools across the district. They said all the heads of public educational institutions had been instructed to ensure availability of all teachers and others staff in their respective institutions throughout the working hours besides bringing maximum number of students to the institutions from the first day. 

Addressing the meeting, the Deputy Commissioner said, “It is fact that closure of educational institutions has wasted precious time of the students but reopening of the educational institutions after six months is no doubt great news for everyone including students and their parents.” 

Fayyaz Khan stressed the need of strictly following the government anti-Covid-19 guidelines in the educational institutions across the district at all cost.