A relative of mine is a differently abled person. Moreover, He is Masters in English and a CSS aspirant. About two months ago, I along with him visited NADRA office , near Civil Hospital Dadu, with disable certificate issued to him in 2009, to apply for NADRA special person CNIC. He was asked to stand in the queue for getting his token. He stood for more than three hours to get token, after getting token he was again asked to wait for the turn, he waited for about more three hours. However, he managed to enter in the office. Inside the office, he faced non cooperative behavior of the staff. Office in charge Zulfiqar Soomro refused to process his CNIC firstly on the pretext that NADRA Dadu does not issue special persons CNICs. Then told him to get verified the certificate from where it was issued. He travelled to Hyderabad and the SWO representative told him that they did not verify certificates without a Nadra official’s recommendation. Once again, he went back to Nadra, Dadu, to have an official letter, but the Nadra official refused to oblige him and, instead, asked me to give him a copy of disabled certificate which he would himself get verified. He had no option but to give him a copy of the certificate. 

Two weeks later, when he approached the Nadra office, he was treated rudely and told to visit Hyderabad Nadra office. 

He visited NADRA Qasimabad branch where the NADRA Incharge Zaffar Marri also started making lame excuses for processing his application. That he belonged to another district so he could not process his application. Importantly, Nadra Chairman has clearly instructed that any citizen of Pakistan can apply in any NADRA office across the country. 

He has original disability certificate which hardly needs any verification. Sir, he is a CSS aspirant and Masters in English and he needs special person CNIC on urgent basis to apply in Federal and Provincial level jobs. He is in mental stress due to this attitude of NADRA with an educated person like him. His future is being ruined by the Nadra officials. He has also sent a complaint letter to chairman Nadra but Nadra officials turned a deaf ear to his complaint. 

I request to the Chief Justice of Pakistan and Chief Justice of High Court, Sindh, to kindly take action against Nadra Dadu and Qasimabad and direct Nadra to issue special person CNIC to my relative as soon as possible. 

Note: Respected editor, You are requested to publish this letter as soon as possible in order to help an educated disabled person. 


Dadu, March 24.